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Experience the Edge with Summer Dagger

In my chair, I provide cutting-edge hair design services to help you look and feel your best. I believe that a good haircut can solve many hair problems. Whether you want to add more volume, take off some length, create texture, or need a complete hair makeover, I can make it happen. I utilize a range of tools, from shears to clippers to razors, to achieve the desired result. I am adept at working with all hair types, whether it's long, short, curly, straight, fine, coarse, or anything in between!

*Listed base prices go into full effect January 1, 2024.

Cut + Dry  40+

(60 min)

This staple, all-inclusive hair service includes a shampoo, custom cut, and blowdry styling.  

Please note that the haircut service described is specifically tailored for hairstyles

that fall below the ear. If you have a preference for shorter styles, I invite you to read about

the short haircut options below..


Hot Shot  25+

(30 min)

The a la carte hot tool styling service— please come in with clean, dry hair, ready to be molded into the look of your dreams.

Sleek and straight, bouncy curls, or tousled waves...the choice is yours. With your clean canvas, we'll give you a look that reflects your personality and leaves you feeling confident and fabulous all night long.


Short Cut  35+

(45 min)

Perfect for those wanting styles above the ear yet longer than an inch off the head, such as pixies and medium-length mens cuts. Includes a shampoo, precision haircut, and a quick blast dry so you can go conquer the rest of your day. 


Clipper Cut  28+

(45 min)

Designed for tailored cuts with lengths shorter than 1" from the scalp, such as tapers, fades, buzz, and under cuts. Includes a precision haircut and a shampoo to wash away the old hairs, leaving you feeling brand new. 


Flash Bang / Express-Edge  10+

(15 min)

This express trim for bangs, neck lines, or a clean up around the ears is here to keep you from attempting to cut it yourself! 


Dry Clean  35+

(45 min)

Our signature blowdry —includes a detox shampoo for the freshest foundation, a round or flat brush blowdry to look sleek and smooth or big and bouncy, and dry finishing to lock in your look for the long haul.


Total Blowout 50+

(60 min)

This deluxe blowdry includes everything in our signature "Dry Clean" service, but goes above and beyond utilizing a combination of roller setting and/or thermal styling to deliver a red carpet-worthy look, 


Special Occasion Styling 75+

(75 min)

This service uses heat styling and custom pinning for a long-lasting look perfect for weddings, galas, or any special event where you can step into the spotlight with confidence.

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